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Re: missing chips/no security at ept barcelona main event

Originally Posted by Lee Jones View Post
Hi Jason -
I had been told in Barcelona that you claimed that you had chips disappear at the WSOP a couple of years ago. The person was mistaken and I shouldn't have repeated it on the podcast without verifying it.

I apologize.

Please don't lay my mistake at the feet of PokerStars - that was my own misstatement and I take full personal responsibility for it. I have re-listened to the podcast and am comfortable with everything else I said.

Best regards,
Lee Jones

PokerStars Director of Poker Communications
please you pathetic old man.

you completely fabricate a story about me to hurt my credibility even though its not true and everyone knows im trustworthy, then decide to not even respond to the issues and change the subject. keep hiding under a rock.
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