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Re: Cheated out of 18k at Casino Barcelona

Originally Posted by Tutejszy View Post
this is disgusting and all, but isn't it just common sense to call the floor and ask for rules about running it twice BEFORE doing it for the first time? I don't play live much, but those few times I've been to casinos, I always either asked first or just run it once.
To be clear this was not the first time it had been ran twice at this table, including multi way all ins. We had been running it twice all night, and many times that included multi way all ins and no one said anything.

This is what some people don't seem to understand. There is an implicit understanding of the rules happening here. When a player sees other players running it twice in 3 way all ins, and the pot being chopped up after, he should expect that it is within the rules. A rule that is only enforced when it benefits the local player is not much of a rule. It is not right that all the players are watching 3 way all ins, and the one Spanish player knows he can sit and wait for the opportunity to angle the foreigners when he finally gets in a 3 way all in with a side pot.

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