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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

News of Sabo's 2015
Dog Day Championship

Road Trips & Rooftops, Part II

Originally Posted by MissileDog View Post
... here are the 2015 rule changes for Sabo's Dog-Day Championship: (1) In addition to all regular season MLB dog days, spring training games, and minor league games, that Sabo actually attend also count...
The recalculated Sabo-Metric Prospectus was pretty surprising (below). I figured the schedule additions would substantially improve the Giants & Card's chances, while marginally reducing all others. Instead it massively improved the Giants chances, slightly improved the Astros & Phillies chances (???/?), and substantially reduced all others... including the Cardinals.

Team% Now% BeforeDelta
Cubs 2-024.8 #129.4 #1-4.6 nc
Giants 1-024.4* #24.3 #8+20.1* +6
Braves 1-017.2 #320.7* #2-3.5** -1
Card's 1-014.0* #418.5 #3-4.5* -1
Phillies 2-15.9 #55.7 #4+0.2 -1
Rays 1-04.3 #67.8 #5-3.5 -1
Astros 2-03.3 #72.0 #9+1.3 +2
Nationals 3-33.3 #86.3 #6-3.0 -2
Reds 3-22.8 #95.3 #7-2.5 -2
* Control own destiny. ** No longer control own destiny.

Originally Posted by MissileDog View Post
... Pending formal & official approval by the Competition Committee...
The Committee needs to decide if 'rooftop' games should count at all, starting in 2016. If they decide that 'rooftop' games should count... then they need to decide if the rule change (from 'attend' to 'see') should be retroactively applied to this season. One criteria The Committee might use to make it's decisions is the quality of the 'rooftop' experience. Luckily for Sabo & me, we don't have to make these hard decisions.

Our job is simply to report on what these 'rooftop' experiences are like. So this morning we're off on a hike of downtown (start point TBA, depending on parking). Then we'll watch the Sabo's Padres at Level 9 bar (pix above, my first 'rooftop' game)... and as long as we are there I'll also have lunch at the Hotel Indigo lobby bar (indoors with food & dog, another first). After the game, we'll do a different hike of downtown (end point TBA)... then finish off the day off-leash at Grape St in Balboa Park.

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