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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

News of Sabo's 2015
Dog Day Championship ~

Road Trips & Rooftops, Part I

!!!1! NEWS FLASH !!!1! -- Pending formal & official approval by the Competition Committee... two more games have been added to the dog game season: 8-23 Card's @Padres and 8-28 Card's @Giants. The next four upcoming games are now...
  • Sun Aug 23: Cardinals (1-0) @Padres (1-4, elim) Sabo !!!1!
  • Wed Aug 26: Dodgers (0-1, elim) @Reds (3-2)
  • Fri Aug 28: Cardinals @Giants (1-0) Sabo !!!1!
  • Sat Aug 29: Cardinals @ Giants Sabo !!!1!
Earlier this month I promised Sabo I'd take him to Canine Cocktails at the Hotel Indigo downtown. Well, that was on Thursday... we didn't make it. Add another 'bucket' to Sabo's list. I hadda reason however...

Sabo & me were recently watching a game on TV from New-New-Busch Stadium. The announcers were discussing the new Ballpark Village mixed use mall across the street. This is the Cardinal's own (and owned) "Wrigley Rooftops". Which started me to thinking... where else besides Wrigley & Busch can you watch a MLB game without a ticket?

More to the point... where can Sabo watch a game without being admitted?

Well, apparently two places are Petco Park & AT&T Park. The Hotel Indigo's dog-friendly rooftop bar, Level 9, allegedly has a view into Petco Park (above). It wasn't open when we first went there. Sabo & me are going to check it out for tomorrow's 1:10 day game. Allegedly, you're allowed to watch part of the game through the RF fence at AT&T Park (below). We'll give it a try Friday, as we do the McCovey Cove experience outside of the 7:15 night game.

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