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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

Friday Sabo saw something Flower, or Cinnamon, or any person had never seen before... Matt Kemp became the first of his Padres to hit for the cycle.

Matt Kemp

The Padres 46 years without wasn't the longest streak ever... it's the third longest, behind the Braves 76 years (Boston Brave Bill Collins 1910-10-6, skipping over Milwaukee to Atlanta Brave Albert Hall 1987-9-23), and the White Sox 55 (Ray Schalk 1922-6-27 to Jack Brohammer 1977-9-24). The longest streaks now are the Reds at 26 (last Eric Davis 1989-6-2), Royals 25 (George Brett 1990-7-25), and Cubs 22 (Mark Grace 1993-5-9). Next is the 17yo Marlins... who are now the only team to never have a player hit for the cycle.

Of course, hitting for the cycle is kinda a freak stat. Yeah, it's a great day at the plate, but there's better ones that happen more often. There have been 16 four-homer games, the record for TB in a game is 19, almost twice a cycle's 10, arguably any three-homer game is better than a cycle. The same doesn't apply to slightly less common no-hitter. Sure, a few non-no-hitters are better than some no-hitters... but that's a pretty small few. Sure, teams occasionally lose no-hitters, they're 289-2 under the current slightly flawed definition of a no-hitter (FYI: Under the previously severely flawed definition, I lost a couple of dimes betting on a pitcher who pitched a no-hitter for the losing side).

Of course, Sabo's Padres remain the only MLB team to never have a no-hitter. Their 46 year (7446 regular season games, and 34 playoff games) streak is also the third longest in MLB history... behind the Phillies 58 (Johnny Lush 1906-5-1 to Jim Bunning's perfect game 1964-6-21#1, 8945 RS games), and the Mets 50yo virgin (broken by Johan Santana 2012-6-1, 8019 RS games).

Gotta how Sabo "Keeps the Faith" !!!1!

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