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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

The Mother of all Broken Arrows

(don't call the number... the dog's dead)

Originally Posted by MissileDog View Post
... Back in the Cinnamon era, The Missile had her picture up in lots of different bars... The reason Cinnamon has her picture up here is because of former bartender N... She 'd Cinnamon... I [planned to drop] off a note, along with a rare remaining sheet from the 'Missile Pad' (a whole 'nuther story)...
Originally Posted by MissileDog View Post
...I stopped by yesterday, for the first time in a while, and was disappoint. They had taken The Missile's pix off the wall... N was going to be in town, and was going to stop by the Spigot this weekend. So hopefully, I'll get a chance to personally forward a sheet from the Missile Pad, and she can meet Sabo out in the parking lot.
I might as well blog the "whole 'nuther story" of the Missile Pad. The worst Broken Arrow of the Cinnamon Era happened around 4pm pt on October 16, 2003. Our little girl was fine, and we got her back OK... but we didn't know anything at all for 24 horrible hours.

First thing Friday morning, her Master S goes to the print shop next door, and asks to get a stack of 'lost dog' flyers printed up (above). Now, the folks at that shop The Missile, they'd even got a (B&W) Boston puppy because The Missile was so cool. So S's money didn't spend, I was told they literally stopped the presses, and S walked out with his stack ASAP.

Those 'lost dog' flyers worked !!!1! Afterwards, the print shop folks asked S if he had any of the flyers left over. He said sure. They said bring them on in, and they'll cut-off the lost dog info, and make a notepad out of the dog pix remainder (pix of notepad with dog pix below). After we sent The Missile onward, I've been giving the few remaining sheets (there are only 18 left) to Cinnamon's old friends. Like N, who posted her's on the Spigot wall back when she worked there.

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