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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

Bert Elizabeth Ardantz, January 6, 1941 - August 10, 2015

There was no way of foretelling this tragic situation... but if Sabo & me had gone to the A's game on the 6th, instead of the Giant's game on the 29th, I might have been able to say goodbye to Bert.

Bert (and yes, that was her real name), was my neighbor down in Missile Beach for several years. She was my "'mother from another". She loved the little Missile. She had a beloved big dog of her own, and I can't count the days we spend together at her house, while our dogs had a 'play date'. I do know however, it wasn't as many times as I'd get a knock on my back-door, and an invitation to go down to the bar... where Bert would inevitably tell the barkeep to "crank those tunes !!!1!".

Well, Bert moved to Pismo Beach after she retired, and after she sent her beloved big dog onward... about the time I moved out too. I'd seen her since, as she's game down a few times to visit. In particular, she celebrated her 70th down in Missile Beach.

But I owed her a trip... a debt I can never repay now. Back in June, I invited her to go to the Giants game, with Sabo & me, on the 29th. She was overjoyed, and so looking forward to it. Now, it looks like Sabo & me will be going solo (which is a PITA at dog days)... and I'll be learning how to use Stubhub, etc.

Bert R.I.P.
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