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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

§A20 ~ Status 2015-8-13

So, my (perhaps singlular) readers might be wondering... besides the occasional Sabo Big Weekend™, what's Sabo been doing this summer? Well, one thing is we're still working on The Big Enchilada, the Tri-Canyon project. Which, at some point I expanded to include, in addition to hiking every single trail in all three canyon parks, to connect to every single neighborhood park in the tri-neighborhoods that border the tri-canyons.

I later realized was the same as saying: hike every canyon, trail, park, and connect them all by surface streets, between I-8, I-5 and I-806, except along the San Diego River. So, it's a big project. Progress has been slow at times, primarily because we don't live near this part of town. But it's worth it... because these three canyons are truly great. I've also discovered more trails and parks than I imagined, as well as two dog runs, and a whole other (small) canyon, I wasn't aware of.

Another thing that's slowed progress lately has been the sun. Twice, a couple days ago, and a couple of weeks before that. It wasn't me this time... it was Sabo.

Originally Posted by MissileDog View Post
... At one point on the trip, going around Crown Point, Sabo just flaked out in the shade of a trash can. The Missile used to do this too... it must be a little dog thing. Anyways it seems he was just hot (it was in the high 70s), as in about five minutes he popped up again and was ready to go, go, go...
Both times, we were hiking the side-canyons off of Rose Canyon. Both times, it was about noon, and it was hot. The first time, I was planning on one of our longer hikes of the project, and the one which would have taken us the longest distance from the car. Only about a half-mile in... Sabo saw a bush, and hunkered down under it. I offered him some water, of course. About five minutes later, he popped up again... and was good to go,go,go. I cancelled our original plans, and substituted a much shorter hike, all in close proximity to the car, in case we needed to abort... but he was fine the rest of the day.

A couple of days ago, I temporarily broke the go-dog. Again, we were about half a mile in. Sabo hunkered under a bush. I offered him water... and he drank like a race horse. After about five minutes, he hasn't popped up... but gets up when I say 'let's go'... and off we go about 50yds to the next bush. Time to abort, so we make a u-turn. Sabo's not in distress, I woulda picked the little guy up and carried him if he was... but he don't like it. We bush-hopped back to the car, Sabo flaking out about three times more.

We get back in the car, I cranked the A/C. After another drink, Sabo flakes out in the back-seat shade. About 15 minutes later, the AC having now taken full effect, he comes back up front. Just to be sure... I get us out of the car. First thing... Sabo hunkers under a bush. No question... go-dog temporarily broken. Gotta that Sabo !!!1!

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