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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

Silver Spigot, Dive Bar #0 ~ Still not dog friendly

Originally Posted by MissileDog View Post
... dive bar #0 will always have a special place in my heart... All important life decisions, such as... getting a dog... absolutely required a [visit...] at dive bar #0. In fact, I stopped off here on the way to get 'Artie'.

Back in the Cinnamon era, The Missile had her picture up in lots of different bars... dive bar #0 has never been dog friendly. Although Cinnamon was inside once... for about a millisecond. The reason Cinnamon has her picture up here is because of former bartender N...

the current employees are still in contact with N. They said they'd be happy to forward a... note, along with a rare remaining sheet from the 'Missile Pad' (a whole 'nuther story), and Sabo's original 'Doggy Prison' rap-sheet...
As I blogged, The Missile, in her prime, had her pix up in several bars. She was the unofficial mascot, and namesake, of Old Missile Beach. She also had her pix up here at the Silver Spigot (Dive Bar #0), even though it's never been dog friendly.

I stopped by yesterday, for the first time in a while, and was disappoint. They had taken The Missile's pix off the wall. That was the last remaining Missile pix up. Oh well... time marches on, I guess. We sent her onward almost six years ago, and she moved outta town over ten years ago.

The lovely and talented Shae (like Shea Stadium, but the 'a' and 'e' are swapped) was working, the same barkeep who was working when I stopped by on the way to pick up 'Artie'. She said N was going to be in town, and was going to stop by the Spigot this weekend. So hopefully, I'll get a chance to personally forward a sheet from the Missile Pad, and she can meet Sabo out in the parking lot.

Morena Club, Dive Bar #6 ~ Closed

Down the street, the former Morena Club (Dive Bar #6) was closed. Sabo had gone there. The signs were down, and there was one of those big construction dumpsters in the parking spaces.

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