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a good little dog
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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

Good Nurse Sabo... heal Thyself !!!1!

Uh... the proverb is better directed at me. I did enjoy the two free J-Tacos we got because the 66ers scored over four runs. Whatever.

Anyways, I was examining Sabo, and I thought the wound on top of his noggin was all healed up... that there was only a tiny dab of dried blood in his hair. I tried to pick out that little dab... it turns out there was still a small piece of scab attached, which I inadvertently picked off too. That got a small 'welp' outa Sabo. Sorry my little boy... you are a better nurse than I.

Of course, with that little patch of hair picked off, I can actually get a pix now (below). So Sabo's loss (of a scab) is my (possibly singular) reader's gain (so to speak).

I also got a little 'grumble' when I poked at his wound under his 'chin' immediately after... but no reaction when I did so again in a half hour. I'm not going to pick at this wound, which is smaller BTW, mainly because of all the scruff under there. When I can see the scab has clearly detached, I'll cut it out.

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