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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

♬ If everybody had an ocean ♩
Across the U.S.A. ♫
Then everybody'd be surfin' ♫♪
Like Sabo. Yay !!!1!

You'd catch 'em surfin' Missile Beach
Pacific Beach line
Scofflawing late at night
Under the moon shine. ♬

Santa Cruz Place and Ventura,
Redondo Court to the bay.
All over Manhattan Court ♬
And down the jetty's way...

Sabo's Surfari II, Part 3: Missile Beach, Coronado, Imperial Beach

*** Missile Beach ***

We still went down to the Beach Shack, even though Sabo wasn't in any mood for scofflawing Friday night. He wasn't really hurt... he's always let me poke his little wounds without complaint... but I think he was upset, a little bit in shock maybe. His pride was what was really hurting.

However, the other three nights we spent at the Beach Shack, he was back to his normal self. Cumulatively, we have now scofflawed, late at night, all the way from Pacific Dr to the jetty.

♬ Parking, huh yeah
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing, say it again y'all
Parking, huh good God
What is it good for? ♬
Absolutely nothing, listen to me...

*** Coronado ***

We got to Coronado about 3pm last Saturday. The sun had came out now, and it was a warm, clear, sunny summer Saturday. Of course, Sun+Summer+Saturday adds up to a parking disaster at Coronado's beaches. Now, I have ninja level skills at beach parking. But after driving around in circles for an hour and a half, even I had to throw in the towel.

Our other objective, lunch on the patio at the Coronado Brewing restaurant (I only had beers last year) wasn't going to happen either. Parking wasn't the issue... they have a lot in back. But they only have three outside tables, and they had a line down the block waiting for any table.

So, our Coronado experience was limited to cruising... the Silver Strand, Orange Av, and then over the scary big bridge (pix above). What can I say... cruising is definitely a big part of the traditional Surfari experience.

♬ Everybody's gone surfin'
Surfin' U.S.A.
♬ Everybody's gone surfin'
Surfin' U.S.A.
♬Everybody's gone surfin'
Surfin' U.S.A.

*** Imperial Beach ***

Just as I've run out of lyrics to bastardize, we've run out of beach towns to visit. We're at the southwest corner of the US: Imperial Beach. So named, BTW, to attract patronage from California's Imperial Valley.

Saturday morning a week ago Sabo was still in a funk. I wasn't sure my 'go-dog' really wanted to go to the Surf Dog competition. So I ran a little experiment. I know Sabo knows when I'm gearing up to take him on a hike. Sabo, the usual Sabo, is impatiently ready to go,go,go as soon as I start with the gearing. This time I made a show of slowly assembling Sabo's day bag... leash, bowl, plastic bags, etc. Sabo slowly went from complete disinterest to very interested... so off we went to IB. We had to park a few blocks away, and when Sabo got out of the car, he still seemed a bit sluggish. But, by the time we got to the leashed-dog friendly beach, he was all the way back to his usual self again.

The Surf Dog competition is a real thing, and is a lot like taking a dog to a baseball game... without a perimeter. We went out to the water's edge, and watched the dogs surf for a while. They had a buncha vendors giving away samples, and adoption agencies, etc. set up in the park by the pier (no dogs on the pier itself). Thanks to the Dodgers, Padres, and Surf Dogs, I haven't had to buy Sabo a bag of rocks all summer long.

Alas, the leash-free area was pen about 10x20 set up in the park, not a slice of beach like I imagined. Sabo enjoyed it none-the-less. Also, the beer garden was another one of those wrist-band-tickets-tiny-dixie-cups-long-lines kinda thingees, designed to defeat the purpose of having a beer garden. Ironically, it was run by Coronado Brewing, where we wouldn't end up having lunch later that day.

I don't remember ever going to the beach in Imperial Beach... and none of it looked even slightly familiar. Thankfully, it was a nice overcast almost the whole time we were there. Sabo had a blast, reacted to all the other dogs great, and was just perfect like usual at these kinda events. Mark this down as another event that Sabo will return to.

Afterwards, to compensate for the dysfunctional beer garden, we stopped at Ye Olde Plank Inn, on Palm Av. The building itself is one of the oldest in the county, dating to 1886. They also have a large dog-friendly patio. While leaving to start the drive up to Coronado, we ran into my old friend Sam, of the world's best taco shop... Taco Surf way up in PB. He and his wife the little Missile. He was out walking his little doggy too that day... what a small world, indeed.

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