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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

♬ If everybody had an ocean ♩
Across the U.S.A. ♫
Then everybody'd be surfin' ♫♪
Like Sabo. Yay !!!1!...

Sabo's Surfari II, Part 1: San Onofre, Oceanside, Carlsbad

This wasn't the best Sabo Big Weekend™. That said, we still went places, and had a lot of fun. To be clear, I'm blogging about last weekend, the 31st to the 4th. I already blogged our misadventures at Petco Park / Miami 'Beach' Sunday in post #183, and our excellent adventures at San Bernardino 'Beach' Monday in post #183 and #184. I'll blog the Surfari part of this SBW™ as it was presented... San Diego beach towns, north to south.

♫ You'd catch 'em surfin' at Trestles,
San Onofre, at the Orange County line...

*** San Onofre ***

I temporarily forgot that San Onofre State Beach, world famous for it's Trestles surf breaks, named after the adjacent NCTD rail bridges (pix of a now replaced San Mateo Cr trestle above), is also in San Diego County... just across the line from OC & San Clemency. No dogs on the beach, but in the same spirit as the rest of this Surfari... they do have some hiking trails that are dog friendly. My bad. As long as I'm apologizing, sorry B.Wilson, B.Crosby, and E.Starr.

♫ Everybody's gone surfin'
Surfin' U.S.A.
We all planned that route ♬
We were gonna take real soon...

*** Oceanside ***

Before we set out for Berdoo on Monday, we spent some time in Oceanside. We strolled about 25% of 'The Strand', from the Pine St access north to the pier. I was expecting to be disappointed, but was pleasantly surprised by the funky beach atmosphere along here. It's like if Missile Beach didn't have a seawall, cars could drive on the boardwalk, and it was filled up with folks from... well, Oceanside.

This segment of 'The Strand' is basically an alley, about 25 feet wide, with no sidewalks or curbs to speak of. On one side, right smack-dab up against the roadway, are houses and hotels, a few tourist oriented shops, and some pocket-parks. On the other side is the beach itself (not dog friendly), which on this Monday had tons of people with kids... also smack-dab up against the roadway. In between, peeps constantly wandered along and across 'The Strand', while a steady stream of cars slowly drove south.

I had no recollection of ever being here before... until we got to the pier. I definitely have a memory of the unique dual approaches and the steep ramp up (dog friendly, pix above) to the pier proper (not dog friendly). We also checked out the Pier View Way pedestrian undercrossing with the 'wavy' walkway decorations, and the Oceanside train station.

The Coast Rail Trail will eventually connect the NCTD Coaster stations from Oceanside to San Diego, about 45 miles. However, this 'eventual' will surely be after Sabo's time, and maybe after mine. Right now it exists as a handful of disjoint segments, two of which are in Oceanside. We hiked a short part of the northern segment, from the train station to Elm St.

♫ All over La Jolla,
We'll have fun, fun, fun ♬
Until grandpa takes the minvan away...

*** Carlsbad ***

We didn't surf La Jolla this Surfari... but we did cruise La Jolla, and then up old US-101 to Oceanside on Monday. Cruising is definitely a big part of the traditional Surfari experience. On old US-101 we cruised along the top of the iconic Carlsbad bluffs above the beach. Then we got out of the car and hiked that scenic stretch too (no dogs on the beach or boardwalk below).

A fair amount of production has been done here on these bluffs over the years... so it's one of those places in SoCal that people feel they've been to, even if they've never been to the state. However, I know I've actually walked this stretch before.

We also hiked the completed CRT segment in Carlsbad, past 'CP Carl'. What is a 'CP Carl' my (perhaps singular) reader might be wondering? Well, let me explain. In day-to-day talk, the term 'railroad station' refers a building. In general, when someone says 'Grand Central Station' they are referring to a building in NYC.

However... to a railroad, a 'station' is a named location along the rail lines. Passenger trains only stop at some of these kinda stations. If there's a building there, the building is referred to as a 'depot', and the station's name will be displayed on each end. If there isn't a building, a sign will be erected with the station's name on both sides.

CP Carl is one of these operational stations. There is no depot, only a sign (pix above), and you can't catch a passenger train here. Instead, the station marks the end of single track from the north, and the start of double track to the south.

So what?

Well, we also stopped by the old Carlsbad Depot, now the Carlsbad Information Center (dog friendly). The nice older ladies working there were very knowledgeable. They knew the depot was built by the California Southern RR. They knew the info on the plaque outside (pix above). They knew the old Encinitas Depot is it's twin, now moved to Leucadia and serving as the Pannikin coffee house. They knew the reason Carlsbad station was renamed 'Carl' for a while was because of confusion with Carlsbad, NM, which also had a Santa Fe Ry station. However, they didn't know that 'Carl', the station name, had been recycled a block to the south.

I had never been inside the old depot before. The ladies pointed out that (except for some interior partitions and the bathrooms) everything was original, including all the trim and window details. It doesn't feel 'restored', and it's not really... it's just still going strong 128 years later. Very nice.

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