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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

News of Sabo's 2015
Dog Day Championship

Last evening, the Cubs won 5-0 in front of the Pups in PNC Park (Pirates, 2-6, elim). This moves the Cubs into undisputed first place, half a game out in front of a nine team peloton. The next dog game is Oakland's Bark in the Park, tomorrow at 7:05 pdt.

As I blogged, and like the earlier D'backs game, I gave serious consideration to taking Sabo to this game too. In fact, I would have made it a multi-game road-trip, and left for Oakland straight from the 66ers game. My reasoning was this: I wanna eventually take Sabo to both a Giants and an A's game. They each only do one dog day a year. They weren't nice enough to schedule them a coupla days apart this year, and it's unlikely they ever will. So it's going to be two trips. I've never been to AT&T Park, which is called the jewel of MLB. The Giants always sell out, I might not even be able to get a ticket next year... and the Giants aren't getting any cheaper.

OTOH, Sabo's never been to either stadium. I haven't been to the Oakland Mausoleum since the Flower era. That was before they built Mt. Davis (that monstrosity in CF), so it'd effectively be a 'new' stadium for me too. One way or the other, the Mausoleum ain't going to be around much longer. It's a night game... and the A's don't charge absurd prices like the Giants. says M.Twain didn't write this

Even if Twain didn't actually write "The coldest winter I've ever spent was a summer in San Francisco", there's a reason the saying is said. Still, it could just as easily be brutally hot at a day game at AT&T, and the dog seats are the CF bleachers... no where near any shade. Everything being equal I'd prefer a night game.

Years ago, while a was taking a few classes at Cal, Uncle B stopped by. It was a nice and sunny in Berkeley, around noon in late July. He said: "Let's go see the game tonight over at the 'Stick". I asked: "What are you wearing?" He replied with something about shorts, or whatever. I borrowed the heaviest jacket I could find, and brought my own heavy jacket. We froze our butts off. We got great seats from a scalper, right behind home. Around the 7th inning, after the fog rolled in, we literally couldn't see the centerfield fence. There's no way the home plate ump could either. I wonder what they'd do today with the replay camera situation?

Anyways... even though Sabo won't be there, it's a pivotal game in the dog game season. If the A's (0-1, elim) win, the visiting Astros are eliminated. If the Astros (1-0) win, they'd tie the Cubs (2-0) for first, and eliminate the Mariners (2-1), Mets (2-2), Orioles (0-0), and the defending champion White Sox (0-0).

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