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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

News of Sabo's 2015
Dog Day Championship

After yesterday's Surf'In Safari, we left Oceanside's train station about 4pm. Since CA-76 has always been the hiway-from-hell, and I-215 can be a disaster, I wanted to give us plenty of time. It turns out that CA-76 and I-215 were both fluid yesterday afternoon, however the I-15 stretch between them was rush-hour bumper-to-bumper the whole way. Still, we got to San Manuel Stadium a half hour early. On the way back, around 11pm, I-215 lived down to it's reputation, being completely closed for construction. We detoured taking I-10, I-15, I-8 back to the Beach Shack. These were all fluid, and we got back in a quick two hours.

It turns out it's $5 parking, $5 for SRO, dogs are free at Man's Best Friend Monday. Metrolink runs trains directly from where we started at, the Oceanside train station, to the San Bernardino train station, a walkable 1.5 miles away from the stadium (and soon to within a block, when the San Bernardino Transit Center opens). However, the schedules doesn't work for the ball games, so the parking didn't go on Sabo's account.

Bernie the 66er... Despised by Dogs

These modern minor league stadiums feel a whole lot like the modern spring training stadiums. They should... as the same architecture company, now known as Populus, has had close to a monopoly on baseball stadium design, large and small, since their Camden Yards work. San Manuel Stadium, Petco Park, the Peoria Sports Complex, and AT&T Park (later this month for Sabo) are all their designs.

Dogs are welcome anywhere except the fixed seats. This includes the concourse, tonight in both unused 'Party Pavilions' down the lines, the left field lawn, and even a spot of lawn directly behind the visitor's dugout. Sabo and me checked out all the angles. Just like in spring training, it's no frills. No on-field parade, no gift bag, etc.

This Dude, as a 'Big-Head' Mascot... also Despised by Dogs

Sabo was perfect, as he always is at these kinda events. Because of his good looks, and inquisitive manner, and as the only dog wearing a costume, he got a ton of positive comments and attention. The only time he got to yapping was when one of the two 'big-head' mascots came around. But so did every other dog there... dogs just don't like mascots, I guess.

The official box score listed a paid attendance of 901. I counted an actual attendance of 79, not including nine dogs. The teams and staff easily outnumbered the fans. If we discount those who were obviously "with the teams" (~20), with dogs (~15), or in the only occupied sky box (~12) there might have been thirty or so people in the fixed seats. Nevertheless, the 66ers staff put on a 'Sell-Out' effort, treated us great, the service was literally personal, and they put on a good show. Sabo will be back.

Zech Lemond22 RH SPpd#17
Brad Wieck23 LH SPpd#19
Rafael De Palma24 RH Ppd#20
Nick Torres22 RH OFpd#21LF 1-4 rbi
Austin Bousfield22 RH OFpd#29DH 1-3 bb
Ernesto Montas24 RH SPpd--SP Loss 2⅔-9 h11,bb,so
Ricardo Valenzuela25 RH 1Bpd--1B-P 0-4; 1-0 h2,so
Sean Newcomb22 LH SP#24, an#1
Victor Alcantara22 RH SPan#3
Roberto Baldoquin21 RH 2B/SSan#6
Jeremy Rhoades22 RH SPan#17SP Win 5-0 h2,bb3,so6
Kody Eaves22 LH 2Ban#242B 1-6 3b,rbi2
Eric Aguilera25 LH 1Ban--1B 6-6 2b,rbi4
Caleb Adams22 RH OFan--RF 4-5

As for the game itself...

Well, I did mention the beauty of the minor leagues is you can pay attention to the game... if you so desire. The 66ers pounded Sabo's Storm 17-3. It got so bad the Storm brought their 1B in to pitch the 9th. Such is baseball. I've noted the performances of some notable players above. We'll see if any of them make it big in The Show.

Sabo's Padres (1-4, including this Storm loss), as well as the 66ers (1-1, including an Angel loss) have completed their dog game seasons. Just wait 'till next year, Sabo's thinking !!!1! The next dog game, an elimination game for the Cubs (1-0), is today at 4:05 pdt in Pittsburgh (2-5, elim).

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