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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

News of Sabo's 2015
Dog Day Championship

Well, Sabo has his Padres shirt on today, unlike yesterday where I didn't bother to put it on after we realized they don't show away games anymore at The Park in The Park. So off we go as soon as hit 'post'... we'll be driving again. But I guess no Surf'in Safari would be complete without cruising through La Jolla, and up Old 101 to our walks today in Carlsbad and Oceanside... so that's how we're going from the Beach Shack. Sabo just went up I-5 last month anyways. Then we'll take the always dangerous CA-76 over to I-15, to I-215, to the ball game.

This will be Sabo's first minor league game.

I have only been to a few, about ten maybe. I was surprised when I gave it a thought... but in those few games I've actually been to see AAA, AA, A games, including some at Qualcomm, one in Knoxville TN, and one at old Potros Stadium in Tijuana. Most of the games have been at Lake Elsinore... even back when they were an Angel's team. This will be both of our first times at the former Arrowhead Stadium (pix above) in 'Berdoo.

Speaking of the long time Padres affiliate, the visiting LE Storm...

They're tied for the worst overall record in the California League at 39-67 (.368). They have the worst record in the second half at 8-28 (.222)... 12 1/2 back of the High Desert Mavericks. The California League does a slit season... like MLB did in 1892 and 1981, remember? They finished the first half also in last, at 31-39 (.443), 10 games back of the half champion Rancho Cucamonga Quakes. On the Storm, MLB lists Zech Lemond (22 RH SP) as the Padres #17 prospect, Brad Wieck (23 LH SP) #19, Rafael De Palma (24, RH P) #20, Nick Torres (22 RH OF) #21, and Austin Bousfield (22 RH OF) #29.

For the home-standing Angel affiliated Inland Empire 66ers...

The 66ers are 51-53 (.490) overall. Their 16-18 (.471) record in the second half is good enough for 3rd place in the Southern Division, 3 1/2 games back. MLB lists the 66ers, Sean Newcomb (22 LH SP) as the #24 prospect overall, and the Angels #1 prospect. Victor Alcantara (22 RH SP) is listed as the Angels #3 prospect, Roberto Baldoquin (21 RH 2B/SS) as #6, Jeremy Rhoades (22 RH SP) #17, and Kody Eaves (22 LH 2B) #24.

However, the beauty of MiLB baseball is the same as spring training games... yeah, there's a ball game over there, and you can watch if it you want. But it's really about inexpensive family entertainment. And if any of those players listed above make it big in MLB... well I can say even Sabo saw'em before they made The Show.
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