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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

News of Sabo's 2015
Dog Day Championship

Well, so far it's certainly been an eventful Sabo Big Weekend™, to say the least... which I will for now. Suffice to say, Sabo's wounds had scabbed up nicely, and he was his usual 'go-dog' self Sunday morning. So off we went to Miami's Bark at the Park #2 with the Humane Society of Broward County. Cost before fees: $15 person, $10 a dog... all proceeds going to the Human Society. Well... not driving all the way to Miami, of course... but down to Petco to watch the game in The Park at The Park.

There was a wonderful June August gloom in the sky. Sunday morning, with all the parking restrictions off, we were able to park on the street, directly in front of Petco. There were several people, almost all with dogs, enjoying the grassy lawn in front of Sabo's shrine, the T.Gwynn Sr statue. Several more, with children, were playing in the playground area.

Yes, it was a perfect quite day in the park... because they weren't showing the Padres game. Come to think of it... I don't remember hearing the Padres saying come on down to watch road games all year. I guess because they don't do that anymore. Oh well. After giving Sabo a sniff at his shrine, we wandered off to find a place to watch the game. We didn't have to go far.

Hotel Indigo ~ Dog Friendly

We ended up at the Hotel Indigo, just a block up 9th Av. This modern upscale hotel is very dog friendly. Several dogs came and went through the lobby, following their 20/30-something masters and mistresses who were spending parent-bucks. The amazing thing is that not only is the lobby bar dog friendly... it's an indoor restaurant too. According to our lovely and talented bartender, Amanda, they also have a Canine Cocktail Party, on the third Thursday of the month, up at their roof-top bar. Their website says you can see home plate from the rooftop bar. Sabo will be back.

As for the game... the broadcast showed the dogs at most inning breaks. Gotta seeing the dogs at the game. A.Amarista hit a 2-run HR to tie the game for Sabo's Padres in the top of the ninth... then A.Hechavarria hit a 3-run HR to win it for the Marlins (2-1, done) in the bottom of the ninth. Final 5-2. The next dog game is, of course, tomorrow. Sabo will be in attendance at San Bernardino San Manuel Staium, as the Inland Empire 66ers (0-1, elim) host the Lake Elsinore Storm (Padres organization, 1-3, elim), on Man's Best Friend Monday. First pitch at 7:05 pm.

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