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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

So... is it a 3-day weekend if it's the middle of Summer of Sabo,
and... we haven't had a Sabo Big Weekend™ in a while ???/?

Well, it is 2015: The Year of Sabo... so yes. As an aside, I'm always amazed that the only time of the year when there isn't any holidays, or really any special days, is between July 4th and Labor Day. I guess every day in mid-summer is special.

We've been spending a lot of time in the canyons, so we're going to switch it up this SBW™. The theme is going to be: Sabo's Surf'in Safari, part II. Last year, during Part I, we visited six beaches or sandy shores in five days. This time Sabo will be visiting all seven beach cities in San Diego County. We're going to throw in some of his Padres too for Sabo !!!1!

Going down the coast, these are the beaches we'll be visiting:
  • San Bernardino: No, the 'Big One' didn't hit and San Bernardino isn't now on the coast. However, we're going to leave the beach and drive to the Inland Empire 66er's 'Man's Best Friend's Monday', 7:05 pm first pitch. This will be Sabo's first MiLB game... and he'll be rooting for the visiting Lake Elsinore Storm, his Padre's High-A team.

  • Oceanside: No dogs on the beach in Oceanside. However, dogs are allowed on their boardwalk, known as 'The Strand'... So Sabo & me will be strolling it on Monday. We'll also visit the Oceanside train depot, and stroll the adjacent completed segment of NCTD's Coast Rail Trail.

  • Carlsbad: No dogs on the beach in Carlsbad, or on the boardwalk/sea wall either. However dogs are welcome on the walkway along the top of the cliffs. Also, Carlsbad has a historic former train depot, and a completed a segment of thje NCTD CRT too. We'll also be strolling these on Monday.

  • Encinitas: Cardiff State Beach is leashed-dog friendly. Sabo will go 'surf'in' here on Friday afternoon, to kick off this SBW™.

  • Solona Beach: No dogs on the beach in Solana Beach, no boardwalk, and the cliffs are inaccessible. However... they do have dog-friendly beach area dive bar that Sabo's already been to... The Saddle Bar (Dive #8). So we'll just have to make the best of the situation. We'll be opening this place ~ 11 am on Tuesday... and closing out this SBW™.

  • Del Mar: Sabo went to the off-leash Horse Beach (aka Del Mar North Beach), where Bing Crosby sang "The Turf meets the Surf, down in old Del Mar', on last year's Surf'in Safari. However, during the summer race season (now)... it's only open to horses, not dogs. However, other Del Mar beaches are leashed-dog friendly year-round. Sabo will go 'surf'in' here on Tuesday morning.

  • San Diego: We'll be staying in The Beach Shack, in Missile Beach. As I've blogged, the beach & bay here are leashed-dog friendly 6pm-9am. However... our plan here is to 'surf' the entire beach, from Pacific Dr to the Jetty, in the dark around midnight over these four nights. Not going to comment on any scofflawing at this time.

  • Coronado: On Saturday, we'll repeat our visit from last year's Surf'in Safari to off-leash Coronado North Beach, and the dog-friendly patio of the Coronado Brewing restaurant.

  • Imperial Beach: Saturday is Imperial Beach's 10th annual Surf Dog Competition. Now, Sabo don't surf... however, they're having a "Dog food garden (food & treat samples)... Beginners agility course... Free photo booth (with green screen)... Vendor booths... Off-leash play area, Beer garden, Food trucks" too. FYI: Imperial Beach's beaches are normally leashed-dog friendly. AFAIK this is the only day they have a leash-free area.

  • Miami: Sabo still hasn't been down to The Park at the Park yet this year watch one of his Padres away games. We're going to rectify this situation Sunday, 10:10 am pdt first pitch. His Padres play the Fighting Fish in Miami. No dogs on the beach area at Petco Park, however.

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