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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

I was at this All-Star Game !!!1!

So were five Padres, three Presidents, and outside thousands of NAFTA protesters.

So... what to do with the All-Star Game? (Part 2 of 2)

OK, it's not really broke... but if I were magically made Commissioner... This is what I'd do...
  • Home field advantage in the World Series should go to the division winner with the best regular season record, then to the wildcard with the best record.
  • Even when the AL gives up the DH, it should stay in the ASG.

    Manager Selection & Scheduling
  • The current manager of the Host team serves as his league's ASG manager.
  • The current manager of the other league's last year's World Series representative serves as his league's ASG manager (not last year's manager). I'm going to call this team the 'Co-Hosts'.
  • The Co-Hosts should be scheduled to play an inter-league series at the Hosts on the weekend immediately following the All-Star game. Because...

    Player Selection
  • All the players on the Host team, and Co-Host team, are automatically on the All-Star game roster. This insures there are enough bodies to go long in extra innings when needed, and for the Host team, removes any taint of home town bias.
  • The fan balloting should be 30 team-based elections (not position based elections, pitchers are eligible). For 28 of the teams, one favorite player is getting voted onto the roster, but won't necessarily be a starter. For the Host team, and Co-Host team, the election is to actually pick a starter.
  • There should be two 'expert' selection committees, similar to the NCAA tournament committees... one for each league.
  • These 'expert' committees pick 11 additional players per league, not on the Host or Co-Host teams, to build the strongest positional balanced teams. Then they select the starters (except the two voted in above), and also handle any late replacements.

    Pitching Limitation
  • Now that the All-Star break is four days long, the game should be played on Wednesday, not Tuesday.
  • Pitchers should be limited to one inning. Starters only need to pitch that inning to get the win. This, along with the extra day of rest gained above, should remove the need to excuse players who pitched on the previous Sunday.

Is Sabo going to this All-Star Game ???/?
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