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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

Sabo don't like fireworks either !!!1!

Originally Posted by MissileDog View Post
... This morning, between 6-7, we had a electrical store pass close by... Sabo... crawled shivering under the chair. After a few minutes, he crawled out and over to me. I hugged him...

he...didn't [feel better] until after his pre-game nap (5:40 start time...)...
Poor Sabo... his day yesterday ended the same way it began.

About an hour after his Padres (who haven't lost in more than a week...including the All-Star break, LOL) won 5-4, the kids next door set off some sparklers and noise-makers. Sabo crawled shivering under the chair. After a few minutes, he crawled out and over to me. I hugged him until he fell asleep.

Wait, wat... I'm sure my (perhaps singular) readers are wondering... what kids ???/? Well, there's been some changes surrounding the Sabotat... and I'm just the person to blog it all. Let's take a circular tour...
  1. Front Yard: The construction netting extension to the Sabotat has been disassembled and stored. As I blogged, I was always skeptical about this project. One worry was Sabo would be out there yapping at every person, and especially every dog, walking by. That wasn't a problem. As I predicted, Grandpa wasn't really all that interested in having Sabo out front with him. Sabo, for his part, was even less interested in being out front with Grandpa. Oh well.

  2. 'Buttons Side' Yard: No changes. This yard is never ever used.
  3. 'Flower Corner' Point Yard: No changes. This area is never ever used.

    This is the lot that shares a point at the 4-way 'Flower Corner'. This is fenced as a triangular storage area behind the main back yard. It only contains a tidy row of storage sheds.

  4. Back-line Yard: The same family lives here. They have a toddler around Sabo's age, but no dogs. As I blogged, Sabo snapped at his mom on just about the first day I got him. The toddler will call for the cute doggy, of course. A few times I overheard his mom say: "don't pet him, he might bite". Well, that toddler is a year and a half older now, and starting to have play-dates. I overheard him telling one of his toddler friends not to pet the doggy because "he bit momma real bad last year". Which is both LOL and a good thing... as I don't want the toddlers to mess with my dog either.

  5. 'Sabo Corner' Point Yard #1: N/A.
  6. 'Sabo Corner' Point Yard #2: N/A.

    These two lots, which share a point up at the 5-way 'Sabo Corner' are behind retaining wallls topped by high wooden fences... almost 20 feet high. They might as well be on the moon to us. One house has been empty for over six years.

  7. 'Chihuahua Side' Yard: Well, I found out yesterday that the currently bedridden Neighbor W (who we knew as B growing up) had gone back into the hospital for a spell. He recently again returned home, but this time with additional roommates... including kids and a big dog. The Chihuahua is still there too.

    This back yard was also never ever used... or I should say was only used as a massive trash heap until about a year ago. Things are different with the new peeps, as they've set it up a "backyard living room" and they, and the kids, and the big dog, actually seem to enjoy being out in the yard.

It's a good thing I put up that extra chicken wire along the fence on this side... as Sabo was going nuts the first few days jumping up & down the terraces, where he can see over the fence, yapping at the new big dog, and all the unprecedented activity over there.

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