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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

Sabo Don't Like Lightning !!!1!

This morning, between 6-7, we had a electrical store pass close by. The thunder was a single 1;1000 count behind the lightning, so about a mile away as they say. The inside door to the Sabo room was closed, so Sabo couldn't seek out his Uncle Grandpa... always his first urge. Instead he crawled shivering under the chair. After a few minutes, he crawled out and over to me. I hugged him until the storm passed. Gotta that Sabo !!!1!

Short showers and distant thunder continued to about 2pm. Sabo took these more stoically... but he also didn't get farther than about 17 inches from me until after his pre-game nap (5:40 start time for his Padres).

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Standards: Yeah, I didn't post about Sabo for more than eight days. My bad. I have no real excuses... just that it's the Summer of Sabo (part of 2015 The Year of Sabo), and we've been spending time out together, instead of me staying home with the interwebs.

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Flower in the Sabotat
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