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Re: We in a rastamouse blog thread now

Mm. Well that was the thing.

Pretty much all my friends outside the company have told me that I should have taken it for precisely that reason. To everyone within the company (all embittered, overqualified/underpaid grads such as myself) I'm a hero and have been met with high-fives and approving smiles and laughter for sticking it to the (wo)man.

The guy who's leaving said that his job wasn't so much digital marketing as it was e-marketing with a load of two-bit, borderline-spam email campaigns to previous clients as well as managing the Twitter and social media. He himself told me that I wouldn't pick up any real transferable skills if I were to go into marketing as a career move.

Parents and gf are proud though, which is obviously nice. Kind of unexpected as well. But yeah. I want 25k. That would, after tax and SL repayments, add up to 400 p/m extra. 50 for each extra day coming into the office and actually working.

Anyway, I know that coming from me this is a massive boy-who-cried-wolf-style complaint but I'm not exaggerating when I say this company is going busto in 1-2 years (some people say it'll be quicker than that - apparently they've had to dip into savings for the past 2 months to pay salaries).

Its a complete joke and I'd happily take the 20k job that I've applied for with a different company over the 'promotion' here.

They can suck my balls.
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