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Re: Bovada Poker Card Catcher HUD

Originally Posted by skraper View Post

The HHs that it saves in real time don't include hole cards, even if the hand went to showdown. Is this something that will be fixed?

Also, any way to stop from having to use the table finder for every table?
Originally Posted by FreakDaddy View Post
I'm not sure what you mean. If the hand goes to showdown and both players show then the hole cards are recorded. If only the winning player shows and the other player mucks, it doesn't show of course.

With HM2 it's table finder. We've tried several methods with their HUD. The PT HUD just fires up with it. It's something we'll go back and re-visit at some point.
Originally Posted by fattire16 View Post
I think he's talking about how you can click the HH replay button in Bovada it will show their mucked cards, but I'm guessing BCC doesn't pick this up?
Originally Posted by FreakDaddy View Post
It functions like it would off of any site. You're not supposed to see mucked hands, but I guess they show this in the replayer for collusion's sake.
Sorry for taking so long to respond on this.

When the winner shows his hand and the other player at showdown 'mucks' its not the same as if the player had folded on a previous street. Every site I know of, with the exception of WPN shows these cards right away in the replayer/ client hand history. Bovada is no exception, these hole cards are available to be see instantly.

The difference with Bovada is that Bovada will ALSO allow you to see everyone's hole cards regardless of when they folded when you download the hands. This version of the hand histories is available only 24hrs after the hands are played and must be manually downloaded.

I am wondering why the hands that are shown down and immediately available to be seen in the poker client (like they would be using HM or equivalent on most sites) are not recorded in the HHs recorded by Bovada Poker Catcher. My understanding is that Holdem Indicator replayer will show these cards right away, but I can't confirm since the HI replayer has never worked for me at all for some reason.
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