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Re: We in a rastamouse blog thread now

Originally Posted by gregorio View Post
Toronto has the highest percentage of immigrants of any major city. About 50% of the population are immigrants and about 50%'s mother tongue isn't English. Canada has the highest highest proportion of immigrants among the G8 countries. Londoners and Brits don't know how easy they have it.
Immigrants themselves aren't the issue and I wouldn't like to have less immigration for the sake of having fewer foreigners.

The issue is the housing crisis, a massive strain on the NHS, a clogged public transport system, fewer and fewer school places, stagnating wages and massive overcrowding in London as a result of what is quite simply, overpopulation.

Look, there's no point arguing about any of this when you've been indoctrinated by the richest and most powerful (who benefit from all of the above) to think that anyone who expresses any degree of concern about these issues is only doing so to cover for racism.
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