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Re: We in a rastamouse blog thread now

Originally Posted by granddam View Post
Rasta, I feel a bit of sympathy for you. All those brains in your head, and no motivation in your butt.

I have come to the conclusion that this thread is a diversion for you. It's easier to spend your time in debate here than discovering the reasons that you are not motivated in real life. Debating here is easy for you. Probably learned this is the early grades. You do what's easy, but are terrified to attempt anything outside your comfort zone.

I think you'd benefit from a few therapy sessions. There is no sin in being mediocre at some of the things we try in life. We learn more from our failures.
What things should I be trying? What things am I trying that I'm mediocre at? What 'things outside my comfort zone' should I be trying? I went hang-gliding in Rio for instance, that was pretty scary.

Besides, I've passed the tests for the job I'm applying to and I am learning to drive. So there!

I don't want to apply for the likes of a big four accountancy firm as I'd rather get away with doing incredibly little work at the office and working 2 days a week from home for just over half the salary of a decent graduate job. I simply value freedom above money.
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