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Re: We in a rastamouse blog thread now

Originally Posted by El Diablo View Post

You raise a good point that it's finally about time white men started getting some social justice.
To call it racism is really to indicate oneself as having led a very isolated existence.

Take this documentary:

These are the truly ignored proletariat. If Great Yarmouth was a town with an incredibly high ethnic minority population the government, Labour or Tory, would swoop in to do all they could to help it. Because they're ethnically British and can be dismissed easily with little political reprisal, they're left to rot. Just as the 1400 white children raped in Rotherham by exclusively Pakistani gangs were for so long. Shelly and Tracy from the council estate are the ones that don't matter in Britain, and what you call racism is simply an insurrection of the long-silent minority.

That isn't a defence of the likes of UKIP and Britain First, but its part of the explanation, just as the Treaty of Versailles did not excuse, but did go some way to explaining the economic misery and resorting to an extremist socialist, nationalist, racist party in Germany in the 1930s.
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