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re: Post ITT if you like girls that wear abercrombie and fitch

Originally Posted by .isolated View Post
Funny you guys say it's a bad call with the AQ. It's a call that I'd at least consider in his spot. He'll have a bit over 540k left over if he loses and if he wins, he has ~1.25M. But I've never really been a tourney player and probably only played around 10-15 since Black Friday.
I hve no problems considering it there, but in that spot, its a fold. Best case scenario you are up against two PPs lower than QQ or in the case of bad players shoving you could be up against a pp lower than QQ and something like AJ or KQ but that is highly unlikely. Im guessing in that spot you are going to see exactly what he saw and sometimes QQ+. But that also assumes your opponent isnt a mouthbreather, but when you said he was a 56/18, its obvious he is
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