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Computers Conquer Texas Hold'em Poker for First Time

  • Limit-holdem only for now
  • New algorithm with a different "regret minimization technique" to select the best strategy at each step of the game
  • Reduced temporal averaging of algorithm to most recent hands vs all hands, which reduces computation and memory required
  • Used compression to reduced data set required to *just* 11 terabytes for counterfactual data and 6 terabytes for main strategy
  • Uses 200 computer nodes each consisting of 24 2.1Ghz AMD cores, 32GB of ram, and 1TB disk
  • Algorithm confirms that some basic tenants of optimal play hold up, including the advantage of position and aggression/raising, whereas some tenants were contradicted, like always bet-capping streets with the nuts and overly selective starting hand requirements out-of-position

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