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Re: WARNING!!! Turning pro is HARD ****ING WORK!! And you will see this ITT...

Coaching For Profits @ BPC
Day 86

Stop loss!!!!

Holy hell, this was terrible session! Lasted 3 hours but it was one of those days when you can gradually see it coming (totally illogical!).

This was my showdown line...

It happens ofc!

Was just about to post the -20bb pots when coach hit me up for coaching (I had emailed him I reached stop-loss) so we went through those hands and 6 out of 7 were well played and the other was not tooooo bad either!

Then we did a review against three villains that I lost most to in last month to find leaks and it was really not as bad as I expected! Lots of times villains just "had it" and hit rivers etc. There were few instances I missed a bluff opportunity and couple of times I could have value bet but overall I was just happy to not get ripped apart!!! Still it was good to find these leaks and I will review the video and work on this as soon as I can. (We were going to share the video to other students as a learning tool but there wan't enough on it!)

Roll Update.
Session = -$176
Roll = $1838
Overall profit/loss = -$4

Back to my original roll which is a bit sad . Hopefully will turn it around because dropping down again is not really an option!!!

Had a look at recent overall results...


So I am $600 down in EV. That is a bit reassuring. Also after Ilidek saw I ran bad in non all-in pots too then I am confident this will turn around and that I am on good track. As I get better and better variance will affect me less and less. Villain is probably moving up to NL100 now with all my EV$ so as I improve I will sail past villain and blow kisses on the way

Yesterday - Posted hands (3), commented on hands (10), evaluated hands (19), played 3 hours and had coaching - a highly productive day! (Just expensive )

Today - Post hands, evaluate hands, comment on hands, review coachings x 2, coaching with Gordon, play 5.5 hours, crush souls.

Hold on tight villain! Peas is coming through!!!
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