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Re: Announcement: PokerStars Changes to Rake, Spin & Go Prizes, and Battle of the Planets

Originally Posted by PokerStars Steve View Post
The following changes will be implemented
Some questions for you Steve:

(1) Will you be sending proper notice of this to all players or will PS be taking the sneaky 2+2 only approach like you did on introduction of FX charges (so most players never hear about it)?

(2) What is the underling philosophy now? Does management consider that its not enough for the company to make $420m profit (EBITDA) on its $1100m revenues and so you have to squeeze even more out of the players?

(3) Has anything that's happened recently caused you to pause and consider your position at Stars?

Originally Posted by Khriz23 View Post
We are going back to Party guys....or 888 or iPoker.
C'mon you guys. One of you needs to step up to this challenge/opportunity. Players are pissed and want somewhere to move to. Offer some bonuses, increase the guarantees, invest more in the s/ware again, add a few servers. One of you has the chance to take over leadership if you're willing to take a view and invest now.

Dear 2+2 posters,

PokerStars has been an industry leader in providing the best game experience, protection of players balances, customer service, and online security for the past 14 years. For that reason, it is the most beloved poker brand in the world.

Amaya plans for PokerStars to continue providing an unmatched poker experience that loyal players have grown to expect. And we expect it to continue to grow by offering world class customer service and VIP program, increasing investment in customer acquisition, and entering new markets.

The company always operates with the utmost integrity and respect for its customer base and PokerStars will continue that approach, led by its experienced executive management team and dedicated employees.

Let me be clear in saying that our most important relationship will be with you, the players, and we look forward to building on the trust PokerStars has established with the poker community over the past 14 years.

Personally and sincerely,

David Baazov"
PS used to talk to us like with some integrity and respect. Now its all corporate BS spin.

Originally Posted by blackitem View Post
how sad that you forgot to raise reg mtt fees. please pokerstars, fix it.
JK I know, but they have increased MTT fees overall pretty badly, but mostly in more back-door ways: increased proportion of turbos (with rake same as regular tourneys), weighted guarantees towards the turbos etc, introduced faster formats like spin & go (which is dice-rolling, not poker), switched from rebuys (zero rake on rebuys) to re-entries (full rake), doubled rake on hypers, ... [watch this space]

What can be done?
Well there's no magic answer - they're doing these things because they can - its basically monopoly abuse. But there are a few things to think about which all help a bit:

(1) Play less on PS and more elsewhere - that will help other sites step up to create a more competitive business (= good for players).

(2) When people ask you where to play, recommend a different site.

(3) If you're a player in the media then say what you think about this when you're interviewed.

(4) For those who are really pissed and have the time/energy, contact the anti-trust authority in your country. (The body whose job it is to protect consumers from monopoly abuse). Tell them one company has become dominant in the industry and, having reduced the completion to an ineffective level + bought and run down the number 2 player, and despite making exceptional margins (38% EBITDA margins) on the business already, is squeezing its customers (you) even harder. They have the power to make PS adopt fair practices and/or split itself (eg sell Tilt to a real competitor). Even if they don't take short term action Ican guarantee that if they start sniffing around PS/Amaya will be very careful about doing anything else.

Your authority is listed here:

(5) If you're a member of the PPA, tell them you want them to adopt a policy of lobbying for US deregulation without allowing Stars back in for period (eg 10 years) as that is now in the interests of the players. (Sadly I already know what PPAs answer will be but it won't hurt to make the point).

(6) Support actions like mass sit-outs. Don't just expect everyone else to do it or take a short-term view.

(7) When PS next send you one of those surveys, say what you think.

(8) If the other sites make some serious efforts to build their biz then support them.
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