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Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail

I'll start this Blog with a song since I love music so much, where I got the title from; great duet and great song.

I donít feel old but at 61 some would say that I am. Anyway, I finally decided to make a blog on 2+2. Donít know how well I can keep up, or what to spew out but Iím sure something interesting will take form. Plus, I have to keep up with Ray Zee. So now I have an extra excuse to hang about this palace of sin.

I am a bibliophile and love to read and have an extensive library; I enjoy music a great deal and have a large CD collection (now old fashion I know); I like to travel when I can; I enjoy fly fishing and learned the art from my dad years ago; and Iím a curmudgeon if not an outright Misanthrope. Iíve had three careers so far, the latest one the best as a professional scientist. I may start a fourth has Iím in a transition phase right now.

Immediate reason to start this blog though is that I will be traveling to Europe (France, Denmark and the UK) starting Tuesday, Oct 21. So if I have time, I will chronicle for the 2+2 enlighten bloggers here my Eurotrash adventures. I will be visiting my friend Stuart (and his wife Lisa), whom I have known since my undergraduate days at the University of Oregon. He currently lives some miles from Toulouse out in the country. He travels for work so I also get to visit Copenhagen and London, because I will just tag along with him for much of his work travels.

Below are my friend Stuart (in red) and I in Xian, China 2005.

As to my character and worldview - Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

I will also post about music and books, other travel reports, fishing and general ramblings on why the universe is a cesspool.

I'll end my first post with an album recommendation. I wonít provide a link; just looked it up. The best small jazz/blues/swing band you never heard off. Album came out on late 90ís - A Night Out with Blue Plate Special. Check it out, you will not be disappointed.
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