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Originally Posted by scylla View Post
Ok, well, I've checked with CardRunnersEV, which gives the same result. CardRunnersEV has a different engine, so this would pretty much only leave the possiblity that the 8 out straight draw stat is not correctly evaluated (the evaluation fuctions áre the same as in Flopzilla). Over the past ~7 years I have checked all evaluation functions several times with all kinds of different approaches. In fact, I just did so again about an hour ago. Also, if the OESD stat would be off by ~1% there's a ~100% chance that someone would have noticed over the past ~7 years. Finally, the engine gives the exact same results that have been used in literature for years upon years. So all in all, I don't really see how this could be a bug.
It seems the issue is the with headings and what they actually mean. If you count all 8 card straight draws as open ended straight draws (OESD), then the 50.60% number is right on. This hand has 2 double gutters that make up the difference from the 50.06% when you only count open ended straights
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