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Re: On the Road Indefinitely: A Dirtbag Hiker in the USA

Originally Posted by PublicEnemy12 View Post
What do you eat when camping/not camping?
On the trail, breakfast is usually a whole wheat bagel covered in peanut butter. I stuff a bunch of nut bars and cheese or peanut butter crackers in a side pocket of my pack and eat those throughout the day. Dinner is usually one of those Lipton Rice (or Pasta) Sides or cous cous. Throw in a snickers bar or peanut M&Ms for dessert. It's just all a function of weight, calories, and price. I try to go with whatever works best.

Off the trail I pretty much eat whatever I want. I try to get a ton of calories to make up for when I'm hiking. Weight of course isn't an issue so it's just about calories and price.

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Wishing you an awesome and safe journey. Loving the pictures, keep it up.

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