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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

So, is it a three day weekend if it's your MLB team's home opener?

Only in Cincinnati.

Traditionally, opening day was always Monday, and only the Cincinnati and DC would host games. The Reds game would always start earlier, to honor Cincinnati as the birthplace of professional baseball. In Cincinnati opening day was a city holiday.

I've been to Cincinnati, and gone to opening day... but it was hardly a holiday for me.

First of all, it ain't a business holiday, and I was there on a business trip. I was working in some factory. A factory with a scorch'in hot company nurse, and a big boss who took the day of because he had killer seats to the game.

That game rained out. Even a big boss can't take two days off like that. The opponent was Sabo's Padres. And thus, the grateful vendors from San Diego were gifted the rain check tickets.

Before we went into the game, we had dinner at some funky little joint right next to old Riverfront Stadium. Then we enjoyed the game in those killer seats. I get up to get a beer, and who should I run into... three of my core buddies from my crew in the Sabo'hood... who were driving through town on vacation that day... and decided on whim to catch the game.

So... off we go to do the riverfront bars and the KY strip after the game. At the first bar the worst food poisoning I've ever had, from that pre-game meal, starts to hit... and everything wants to come out of both ends, all at the same time. Which my boys thought was hilarious, and were just loving it now. Because, as I ain't drinking anymore, I get to be the designated driver.

I was still sick as a dog the next day in the factory... and all the factory workers could say is (a) boys from Cali can't hold their liquor, and (b) I'm just faking it to see the scorch'en hot company nurse. Who I did go see, I ain't stupid.

Well... is it a three day weekend if Chavez Day falls on a Monday?

Well, like duh.

Uh... what's the theme for Sabo's big adventures this weekend?

Well it is Sabo's Padres' home opener... so of course the theme is gonna be Padres !!!1!

Sabo goes to Spring Training !!!1!

So we'll be leaving the Sabo'hood and travelling all the way to a far away neighborhood called Linda Vista. There we'll visit their dog run, neighborhood parks, natural parks, and a Catholic college: USD.

What's that have to do with the Padres? Well, the highlight of the trip for Sabo will surely be when his Padre's play the Indians in the their last Cactus League pre-season game at USD's brand new baseball field.

Sabo Makes the Majors

The next day we'll be going downtown. There we'll visit San Diego's oldest park, dating from 1850. Pantoja Park is named after Spanish conquistador Don Juan Pantoja y Arriaga, who first charted San Diego Bay in 1782... and features a statue of Benito Juarez, a president of Mexico. Maybe Sabo can figure it out.

We'll also go to the new park near Seaport Village I've haven't been to yet, MLK Park, kissing tuna park, Horton Plaza (park & mall, Sabo's first mall !!!1!), the train station (Sabo's first train !!!1!), and the USS Midway (Sabo's first ship !!!1!). We'll also check out Freedom Plaza (nee SD Civic Center) and Children's Park, where I did a little urban camping, back in the OSD daze. And they gotta college to walk too: City College.

But the highlight for Sabo will surely be a visit to The Park at the Park at Petco Park, and a sniff at his shrine... the Tony Gwynn Sr statue. I've never had the honor of meeting the HOFer... but Tony Jr used to live down street, and we'd drink at the same bar. And then... what's Sabo's really been waiting for... the opening game itself: Sabo's Padres -vs- the hated Dodgers, at Petco Park. Dodgers suck !!!1!

And let me guess... I'm going to end up in the gift shop buying Sabo some more Padres gear. And I need a new light jacket for spring myself. Boy... these free dogs can sure end up costing a lot.

Sabo Drafts His Fantasy Baseball Team !!!1!

I figure I might as well let Sabo make my picks... he can't be any worse than me.

Anyways, it ain't a mechanic holiday, and Sabo's Padres, who are organized, have the holiday off.

The pound is a short walk, then it's over to Sabo's new favorite free bone BBQ place. There we plan on meeting up up with my brother-man, and Sabo's God-Uncle "B", and take Sabo on a couple of special little hikes.

The first hike is from "B"'s old house, that Cinnamon loved visiting, to the late great-grandparents house, which was Flower's other home, and where she lived the two years we were in MA. My Stand Alone hike, with my late brother "B", and Flower, was along this route. We didn't find any dead bodies, or whatever, just had an epic great time.

The trick is that where "B" used to live is new infill housing that didn't exist during the Flower era. It's going to take some exploring and hillside scrambling to get from here-to-there... if it can be done at all.

Sabo Marches, Celebrates Chavez Day !!!1!

The second hike is from Chicano Park, along Chavez Pkwy, to the BNSF freight yards (Sabo likes trains), then to the "Free Speech" area, then into Chavez Park.

Where on 2011-12-12 we were kettle'd, declared an unlawful assembly, and ordered to disperse into Chavez Park... which has no other exit, under threat of arrest. So... if we don't leave the "Free Speech" area, we'll be arrested for staying, but since we can't leave the park, we'll be arrested for not dispersing, anyways. Gotch'a

Actually they arrested the dude next to me, and a few others... then got bored, I guess, and let us go. It was raining pretty hard by then, maybe they were getting wet.
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