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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

Breaking News !!!1!

Sabo attacked the meter reader, and made his first kill... he's going back to the pound this weekend !!!1!


Actually today was Sabo's first meter reading day. And meter reader day was always a big day in Flowers life.

Flower wasn't much of a barker, but blimps and strangers coming into her yard would set her off. And the only strangers that would routinely come in the yard were the meter readers and pole climbers.

Now she was a good dog, and that once or twice a month she would retreat to the farthest corner of the yard... and bark until sunset. The meter readers even had her listed as a "chicken" in their permanent record... unlike her mom Buttons, who was listed as "aggressive".

Well times have changed.

It turns out that their aren't any meter readers at all any more, and nobody needs to climb that pole unless something breaks.

There's not much to break. SDGE's never had any gear up there. ATT removed all their gear during the roll-out of UVerse. And TWC, who still has crap hanging up there, only drops to four houses, one of which is empty, and at least one of which will forever remain dormant (mine, I hate TWC).

SDGE still needs access for emergencies, but they're sending me two free dual-key locks to secure the gates. ATT & TWC will then have to schedule. And the address is now flagged as having a dog.

So what did Sabo kill?

Nothing, just kidding again.

The centerpiece of the Sabotat is a bird bath. Sabo found a dead hummingbird beside it. I told him to "drop it"... and he did. Pretty good progress in two weeks, IMO.

So, he's not really going back to the pound, is he?

That part is true.

The pound has asked twice for an email follow-up report back on Sabo. I'm getting a car worked on two blocks away, and Sabo & me will have all day to kill. I figure instead of an email... Sabo & me can make a personal follow-up report instead.
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