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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

Originally Posted by MissileDog View Post
A blog about three dogs... Sabo... the doggy I just picked up exactly a month ago this very evening from the pound.
Updated my post. Yep, its been a whole month now that Sabo's been Sabo !!!1!

Originally Posted by MissileDog View Post
... little Sabo literally ate my shorts. I LOLed as I didn't catch him in the act (so no sense scolding him)...
So how's Sabo adjusting to his new home? I'd give him a B++... only because I can't give him an A, as he can't yet be called a "good dog" like Flower and Cinnamon.

Sabo has done only three bad things his first month, and they were all within his first 10 days or so. As mentioned, he ate my shorts. He has also snapped twice. Once at nice the lady in back of Sabotat the first time he got over there, when she went to pick him up to hand him over the fence. Which was a PITA, as that meant I had to drag my sorry butt over that fence. The other snap was at me, while Sabo was 'resource guarding' a 'rawhide'.

The first two seem like completely isolated incidents. He hasn't chewed on anything else at all, or shown any other aggression while being handled by strangers... including the pregnant lady across the street, randoms at the dog park, and drunken idiots at the bar examining his paws and teeth.

Regardless, half of Operation Sabo Training is directed at him being comfortable around strangers. The other half is all about confronting his 'resource guarding'. So far, in just two weeks, Sabo is making truly amazing progress in this training.

In fact, it's time to add a third project to Operation Sabo Training. I'm considering "shake", "roll over" (which he already knows, I just don't know his command word), playing fetch, or "up"... as in jumping up into my arms. He already tries to do the last one by himself at the dog parks, occasionally, when he's confronted by a big dog he doesn't care to deal with.

Of course, I really should be crate training him, if I really want him to be able to fly later on. The "dog whispers" types say that should always be the first thing... and this time I can understand and agree with them.

...In fact, this whole free dog thingee (only free because February just happened to be "free love" month at the pound... lucky me), has already cost me, after just two visits to Petco...
I went back Petco a fourth time, to once again check if the doggy tickets to the Dog Day of Summer are available yet. Every year it's a damn secret it seems, and it sells out immediately. No yet, I was told. Also, Sabo's bag of dog rocks broke again. So far this "free dog" has cost me...

Dog w/microchip (free), Vet care (free so far)

Turbo Leash $36 (2x, one stolen), Collar (hand me down from Cinnamon), Harness $13, MLB tag $12, License tag (free through 5yo), Ole'#8 nest (saved from recycling), Bowls (saved from recycling).

Dog Rocks $28 (x3), 'Rawhides' $14 (x3), Dog Treats $5, Chew bone (free).

Mini-Frisbee Toy $10, Stuffed/Squeak Toy $6, Rope Toy $3, full size Tennis Ball (found), mini-Tennis Balls $5 (x3).

Old pair of shorts (ate)
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