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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

Originally Posted by Shame Trolly !!!1! View Post
Is it a three day weekend if an equinox falls on Friday? Yes, of course. The same goes for the solstices.
Oops, I had another 'accident'. Once again I forgot to change SNs. Accident score so far: MissileDog (the blogger) 2, Sabo (the dog) 0.

For the first three days of spring, the weather had cooled down to the low 70s, there was a cool breeze, and the mornings were overcast. Perfect weather for a hike !!!1! It got sunny and warmer later in the afternoon, so me & Sabo retreated daily to shade and A/C of our local dive bar.

Well, we're going to repeat a couple of the dog parks from Dog Park Weekend (two weeks ago)...
I took Sabo to the leash-free park in the Sabo'hood for the third straight weekend. This time I could finally unleash the beast !!!1! The leash-free hours at this park are somewhat arcane, and not compiled into any one list (until now, below). Sabo also went back to the same community park dog run where he met the lazy greyhound two weeks ago. In fact, the lazy greyhound was there again... and his owner remembered Sabo's speed.

Updated score: Sabo 2, greyhound 0.

Sat Mar-May
Sat 6-7,14
Fri 7-4

... We're going to a couple of the community parks we missed on People Park Weekend (last Saturday)...
Last weekend I went by the list in the Parks & Rec flyer for the Sabo'hood. But that list left out three parks in the Sabo'hood, and included one that isn't. We went to all four of those parks. We also repeated about half of last week's community parks, as they were adjacent to the school yards.

Two of these omitted parks are natural parks... and it turns out they are technically not the Alpha Ave Park, and Beta Blvd Park, but are officially the Alpha Ave, and Beta Blvd, Trailheads into Owl Canyon Park. Regardless, they are both considered distinct parks to Sabo'hood locals. They are park sized, street level, and street fronted areas, one with a dedicated parking lot, right in the midst of the Sabo'hood... not down into the canyon itself.

Sabo enjoyed all the parks, regardless of what they're called.

Sabo gets a bone

We also went to the community park listed in that flyer that isn't actually in the Sabo'hood at all. And not only because it's has nice lawns, and the back way in us up five flight of stairs (Sabo loves stairs). There's a street front BBQ place right near there, that has this big "Dog Friendly" sign.

I was wondered... how does that works? AFAIK, in Cali, if you gotta kitchen, you can't have the dogs inside. Well it turns out they gotta back patio, accessed through the signed and paw-printed grand dog entrance off of a side street. Each of the tables had a water bowl down. And every doggy got a free bone. The place was packed with people and their dogs !!!1!

One dog looked just like Sabo's big brother... he the same general doggy body style, and even had Sabo's distinctive two-tone grey & black coat working. Of course, that would have to be Sabo's really, really, really big brother... as this other dog was 160 lbs.

Sabo took his new bone home.

... But the big theme for this weekend is Sabo goes to school !!!1!...a dozen or so public schools, whose fields are open to the public on evenings and weekends...
Which didn't really go the way I planned.

Back in the Flower era, the School front lawns, dirt fields, and outdoor courts were, by policy, open to the public as recreational spaces when school wasn't in session. Today all the fields and courts are locked up tight, and about half of the front lawns were posted "no dogs".

Only one of the dog OK schools schools had a lawn any larger than the Sabotat. But that one was quite a bit larger, and very nice. It even had a garden area with a park bench dedicated to a late teacher.

Sabo and me enjoyed a rest and some water there.

...There's a 2-year college (25k students) in the Sabo'hood...
And here is where Sabo & me had our first brush with the police. And our second.


... the highlight for Sabo will surely be our hike of the power line r/w, which passes through the Sabo'hood, between Owl and Bear Park canyons.

Cinnamon never got to hike the power-line... but Flower & me did. I'm going to save this story until I get around to telling Flower stories so I can do a little then -and- now comparison.

...Arrgghh @ ATT UVerse...
Flower didn't care about MLB. Cinnamon was a Dodger dog, and no I don't mean the hot dog. She grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Ironically she was old school Padres brown. But Sabo is a Padres dog.

He wasn't happy missing the opening game. The best I could do, was put Vince Sculley on the radio. But seriously, even a Padres dog would agree that Vinny is the greatest of all time sports announce, and it ain't even close (note: spelled all the way for emphasis). The fact that Vinny is still calling the games, and travelling all the way to AU, especially this year after the passing of Jerry Coleman... that's actually a pretty damn good "best I could do".

Of course, ATT should have just included MLB Network in their package.

Arrgghh @ ATT Uverse !!!1!

Later that day (Sabo time), or the next day (AU time), we just went back on down to the local dive and watched the Dodgers start the year 2-0. Sabo wasn't happy about that either.

All I gotta say is... wait 'till next week !!!1!
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