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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

Is it a three day weekend if an equinox falls on Friday?

Yes, of course. The same goes for the solstices.

Originally Posted by MissileDog View Post
So, I'm sure folks are wondering... what's Sabo's big adventure this weekend ??...
Well, we're going to repeat a couple of the dog parks from Dog Park Weekend (two weeks ago). We're going to a couple of the community parks we missed on People Park Weekend (last Saturday). But the big theme for this weekend is Sabo goes to school !!!1!

There's a 2-year college (25k students) in the Sabo'hood. There are also a dozen or so public schools, whose fields are open to the public on evenings and weekends. All on-leash, of course.

And the highlight for Sabo will surely be our hike of the power line r/w, which passes through the Sabo'hood, between Owl and Bear Park canyons. Or at least the non fenced parts. And since this r/w is not technically open to the public, I figure I'll just double down and let Sabo walk it off-leash too.

Arrgghh @ ATT UVerse

That's how Sabo is going to spend the first three days of spring. Of course, Sabo is a Padres/Petco dog, and this year MLB is starting on the actual first day of spring too... in Sydney, AU.

Because of the time difference and/or date-line, that'all be 1 am here. And now I'm back to the arrgghh at ATT UVerse... they got all the channels I care about in their base package... except the MLB network. And whose showing the first two games in AU? Yep... the MLB network. Normally I'd just take Sabo to the bar... but the bars close at 2am.

Arrghh !!!1!
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