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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

So, how did Sabo's weekend adventures go?

Well, just like last weekend it was hot... well into the 80s. I had to run the A/C with my new buddy riding along with me. However, last weekend, when outside at the dog parks and beaches, there was a strong and steady cool and very refreshing onshore from the south. Pretty much the perfect last-days-of-winter day. In fact down at OTL Island and Dog Beach there was a butterfly migration taking place, which are always pretty cool. Millions of butterfly, which Sabo ignored (Cinnamon would have been fascinated by it).

This weekend there was still a nice breeze, but not nearly enough.

I noticed that a few of the community parks were on side canyons off of Bear Park Canyon, and a few others were on side canyons off of Owl Canyon. Owl Canyon, which actually has native owls, is notably the home of the other natural canyon park that bookend the Sabo'hood: Owl Canyon Park (also on-leash only).

So, because of the heat, we changed our plans up a little. We went to eleven of community parks, Bear Canyon Park, and Owl Canyon Park. But instead of a long hike on the main trails of Bear Canyon Park, we took two shorter hikes on some of the side canyon trails in each of two canyon parks.

Sabo got ragged on for his pink harness... he didn't seem to mind.

We broke it up in the middle of the day, to escape the high sun... by spending the afternoon at the local dive, followed by naps. Sabo got a lotta ribbing from the bar regs for having a girly pink harness on now (instead of the manly red collar he used to style). Hey, blame Petco, that's what they had in a "small"... not my fault.

And, speaking of the local dive, we ran into bartender "K" out at one of the parks. She hadn't met Sabo yet... he made a good first impression.

Sabo was sabo-tastic all day long, and fun was had by all !!!1!

The neighborhood parks were all very nice, and most were pretty busy.

It was another little league day at the one sometimes off-leash neighborhood park. At a different park it was softball signups, and the girls had a whole tent-city jamboree thingee going with a grill and everything. Another park had a game of adult kick-ball underway... the keg was at 2nd base, and you had to play holding the red Solo cup.

The lawns and grounds were all very nice, all had playgrounds and picnic tables. Most had parking, restrooms, athletic fields/courts, three were staffed Rec Centers with gyms and meeting rooms. And I misspoke when I called them pocket parks, they range from 3-13 acres.

Once again, it was also a trip to go down the back roads and side canyons of the Sabo'hood and rediscover the old shortcuts, while remembering those odd tiny strip-malls tucked away in odd places that I would never have any reason to go to.

How was Sabo's big debut?

Sunday, taking the advice of my FW "M", I left Sabo at home for the union meeting. We didn't know if the venue was dog friendly. So Sabo's union debut will have to until April. His new name was appreciated, however, when I shared it during "Good and Welfare".

I also had an interesting conversation at the local dive this weekend. A reg, who I don't remember really talking to before, came over to say hello to Sabo. Ofc, he asked what the dogs name was. Then he asked me, like as in "sabotage". Yep. Did you know the word comes from "sabot", wooden shoes? Yep. So you know about the whole "throwing wooden shoes into the machinery" story then? Yep. I then asked him if he had ever heard of Sabo-tabby. He said "sure". Ofc, I told him that's my union's mascot. He finished saying hello to Sabo with a "Cool dog, cool name".

However, I couldn't have taken Sabo anyways. I didn't realize it until Monday, but some tweeker-type stole my glasses and Sabo's leash.

So, is it a three day weekend if St. Patrick's Day falls on a Monday?


I usually avoid amateur days at the bars... especially St.P, Cinco, Halloween, and News Year's Eve. St.P day isn't a good day to drive either... last year, going to a union BBQ, I got rear-ended on the freeway and shoved into the car in front. Everyone was sober, and luckily, nobody was hurt.

I was, however, brave enough to go to the sun glass store, and Petco. I got Sabo a pink turbo-leash, to match his pink harness. Also I got a three pack of mini squeak balls... which Sabo also doesn't seem to care about.

$18 Pink Turbo-leash
$5 3x Mini Squeak Balls

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