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Originally Posted by siweq86 View Post
Hi, i have a question. This is a hand which is problematic for me
I wanted to set that villian calls flop with all flushdraws and also hands AQ-AK. But when i mark in overcards that he folds flop with hands AT-AJ Flopzilla think that villian folds flop with ATss, AJss. Is it possible to mark that villian folds with with AJo but call with AKo, AJss?
Your link doesn't really seem to be working for me.
However, can't you just set the filters as you describe?
To do so, mouse over the "overcards" statistic's bar.
You'll get a popup with its contents.
Now right-click to fix that popup.
You can now set custom filters to individual hands.

For more on working with postflop filters, please see Flopzilla's video manual:
The first two videos deal with filters.
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