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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

Originally Posted by MissileDog View Post
So, I'm sure folks are wondering... what's Sabo's big adventure this weekend ??...
Well, we're going to repeat a couple of the dog parks from last weekend.

It was such a trip discovering these nearby dog parks that I looked up regular parks on the interwebs. It turns out there are eleven other pocket parks right here in our 'hood, all of which are open to dogs on a leash. In fact, I was pretty surprised to learn you can still drink alcohol in six of them (From 8am to 8pm. I'm not a 'park drinker' and will be driving, so I won't be partaking myself). We're going to go on a quick tour of all these pocket parks.

The highlight for Sabo will surely be his first hike... on over to Bear Park. Which, while it doesn't have any bears, is the mother of all natural canyon parks... again where leashed dogs are welcome.

The highlight for me will be taking him to his first IWW meeting. My fellow workers will appreciate his name, Sabo-doggy... as our union's famous mascot is a cartoon cat named Sabo-tabby:

Sabo-tabby, the ONLY cat I like !!!1!
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