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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

Sabo's New Harness

It's certainly a stretch beyond a stretch... but one might say Sabo has already indirectly worked a doggy miracle.

Which gives me a good chance to explain my relationships with these three dogs.

Flower was our family dog growing up.

While not an over-sized dog, Flower was a spaniel mix, and certainly wasn't a little dog like Sabo or The Missile. Also, unlike the later dogs, Flower was only indoors when folks were at home and awake, and had her own outside doghouse... instead of an indoor nest like Sabo's ole'#8.

We got her as a just weened pup from our next door neighbors, when their dog, Buttons had a litter. Flower went to live while she was 2-4 years old with my Grandparents, as my dad (and our family by extension) got temporarily transferred out of town... and lived to be about 14. My young sister "J", not much older than the dog itself, had the honor of naming the puppy.

But I wasn't Flower's head-master... us kids were really closer to being co-members of the same 'pack' instead.

Cinnamon Stick was the breeder's name for this big-bucks 'papers' bred Boston Terrier.

She came into our lives when she was a year old from a LA based Boston Terrier Rescue. She was an owner relinquishment. Her second master was the late Sebastian Massa (IMDB Bio). Sebastian was in poor health however, and just couldn't keep up with what was then a completely wild and untrained young dog... just entering her maidenhood. So, after a short period, he in turn gave Cinnamon to his nephew, and my brother-man, and at the time my roommate in The Valley as well as fellow worker "S".

So even though Cinnamon later lived with me at the beach... I was never her head-master either, just her co-master and God-Uncle. The credit for turning that wild and crazy dog that nobody else wanted into the legend that was The Missile... that credit goes to "S", I only played a supporting role.

And then we got Sabo...

Who I just got from the pound two weeks ago. He's a terrier mix captured as a stray. They estimated he's about two years old, and they assigned him the kennel name of "Artie"... a name I retained as his 'official' paperwork name. His call-name is Sabo (pronounced 'Sab-OWE', not 'SAY-bow' like former MLB player Chris Sabo), of course... and he's named in honor of the aforementioned Sebastian Massa.

And... unlike the other dogs, I am Sabo's head-master. And he does have issues with this "resource guarding" the trainers at the pound warned me about. Which I need to train him out of... and this time it's all on me, and I've never really trained a doggy before. I've given the little guy a couple of weeks to settle in here, before we start in on any training... but starting tomorrow it's "Operation Sabo Training".

So... what's the alleged doggy miracle ??

Well shortly after we send The Missile onward, on 2009-9-9, my brother-man "S" went MIA under what I was told were troubling circumstances. Basically, the speculation was death, prison, or homelessness.

But just yesterday I got a trusted first person account that "S" was still very alive, and not in a prison. In fact, he's gotta cell, and as soon as he loads some minutes on it... I should be able to give him a call.

Now Sabo didn't have anything at all to do with this news... but I like the cosmic karma coincidences of doggy-power aspect of this whole thingee anyways.

Any Questions about Sabo?

Anybody have any questions about Sabo? Or about Flower, or Cinnamon, for that matter? Now would be a good time for me to answer them... before I start blogging in depth about my adventures (and certainly mis-adventures) in Sabo-training.
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