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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

Originally Posted by MissileDog View Post
So... what's Sabo's big adventure this weekend... it's off on a mini-tour of the local fenced dog runs for Sabo doggy!!!1!...
As well as a social coming-out, this was also a test for young Sabo. How's he going to act around other dogs... and is he going to mind off the leash.

He passed all tests with flying colors.

First we checked out the dog park right here in the 'hood. Unfortunately it's a leash free park, not a fenced run, it opens on a canyon, and wasn't off-leash that morning anyways because it was a Little League day (sign-ups). But we had a nice walk on-leash anyways.

That didn't confront us or Google maps, however. I found four other dog parks with fenced runs within five miles of the Sabotat. All are fairly new, and very nice... with grass, chairs and tables, proper sally-ports, doggy drinking fountains, and a ready supply of poop-bags. Sabo checked all of them out this weekend.

The sorta strange part was these dog-parks are all down residential streets in other 'hoods. Even the one in our 'hood is on the far side, down a side street I can't remember going down. It was like discovering whole new worlds right in my back yard.

Saturday, we ended up at the massive OTL Island

But the real highlights for Sabo and me were I took him to the mother of all dog runs to end Saturday, and to the mother of all dog-parks (not fenced !!!1!) to end Sunday.

OTL Island is about 1000 acres of fields and sandy beaches, all leash-free. Here Sabo, for the first time since getting out of doggy-prison, could just run flat out as fast as he can for as far as the eye can see. And boy... this little boy can really run fast too!!!1! The next day, at one of the runs, even the dude with the lazy greyhound said his lazy greyhound was impressed with Sabo's speed.

Sunday, we ended the day at the major league of all dog parks... yep, Dog Beach.

No fences... just a beach, a low jetty, a dog squishing parking lot/street, and then straight on into the dog swallowing/squishing/steeling trackless depravity of Obeachia itself.

However, none of that happened. We can add walking off-leash and "come here" to the things Sabo already knows. In fact, it's pretty clear he was trained to role on his back while getting leashed, and right after being called over... I assume to make it easier for a person to attach a leash to a collar ring. Unfortunately, his new harness has the attachment rings on the dog's back

He might be a water dog.

Sabo didn't go in the bay on Saturday. But neither did I... LOL @ even thinking about going in the bay right after it rains. But I did wade out a little bit in the ocean on Sunday, and he did splash around a little bit with me in the Pacific.

Not quite Cinnamon, who we first found out was a water dog when I waded out a little bit, and then turned to see if I could coax her out into the water... only to look down and see her dog-paddling right next to me, looking up at me confused... perhaps about why I would stop wading forward.

IIRC, Flower on the other hand didn't care for beach swimming because of the waves. However, she loved swimming in the bay.
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