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a good little dog
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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

Well it's been a week now that Sabo's been Sabo. And so far, grading on a scale, I'd give him a solid B. But the trainers at the pound warned me that he wasn't fully socialized and had some behavioral problems. It took a quite while to see them, but yeah... he's going to need some good'ole basic training before he is ready for the prime-time (and worthy to be called a good dog, like Flower and Cinnamon).

But overall he's been really good... and affectionate, but without being all 'lap dog' about it. He seems completely housebroken. I haven't stress tested him yet, as he has 24hr access to the yard, but he does know about scratching on doors. He also knows "sit" and "back". He knows how the 'turbo-leash' works. In the car, he knows not to bug the driver. And he was great when I took him to the bar! He's adopted is "#8 Dale Jr",etc nest. And after going 0-2 with the toys, he seems to like chewing and chasing his mini-Frisbee.

Of course, what next... the free bag of dog rocks they gave me at the pound has broken. I shake it... but nothing comes out any more. So chock up more costs for this supposedly "free" dog...

$6 More Dog Rocks (from grocery store)
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...One of my tasks for this week is to do something about securing this yard. There are a couple of particular issues here at this household and yard regarding this task, which I need to have addressed.
Yeah, about that yard. If my doggy has 24hr access to the yard, even when we are all gone, or all asleep... I gotta secure that yard. The front door is an escape vector too. Of course, yard needs to be accessible, by an unfortunately large number of folks, alas.

Little Sabo has already proven he's an escape artist, as he's got into the back-line neighbor's yard twice already (These weren't "Broken Arrows" thankfully... just "WTF how the heck did you get over there"'s). So I need to build a better dog trap prison.

Well first, I'll explain the unfortunate part. I gotta god-damned SDG&E pole in my back yard. It's always been there, and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it... they gotta easement. In fact, I hate that pole... always have. Even though they've been saying they are going to underground it, and have been charging the rate payers an underground surcharge for about 50 years... It's a one year older than me, but I'm sure I'll die before that damn pole does.

And why not double-down... the gas and electric meters are both inside the fence line too, in the opposite side yards of the house. And then we got those ATT and TWC dudes climbing that damn pole all the time... it seems whenever anyone around here switches services.

Other than that, the gates get used daily... as there are avid and active gardeners in the household. (Not me, I got the "black thumb". But so far they like collecting Sabo poop for their compost... LOL). Also, there are old folks in the household, old folks who just aren't always going to remember to, or why, or if, they closed/latched that gate/door. This last issue is what caused the "broken arrow".

As for the exiting fences and gates themselves, they are pretty much robust. They are six feet high. The gates are wooden, and can't be dug under... but are currently unlocked. The fences have cinder block along the bottom all around, with a top half of wood along the sides lots, and chain-link along back-line.

However, the lots along the back-lines are about a story above grade, so the back end of the Sabotat has a small hillside. Long after the fences were built, this hillside was terraced, leaving effective "saddle" points at the front of the terraces. Four in fact: (a) Sabo side 37", chihuahua side down 65" to concrete, (b) Sabo side 21", chihuahua side down 54" to concrete, (c) Sabo & chihuahua side both 32" from ground (d) Sabo side 37", other side 27" inches down to pickle-weed.

As for the third escape vector... the front door? Well there is a screen door, but right now that screen door doesn't automatically latch. There is also a fenced front porch (pictured w/dog above), but it has no gate... also I'm not sure Sabo can't get through it anyways... as I will explain directly.

Of course, the mystery still is... how did Sabo get into the back neighbor's yard ?? Well, if it isn't open, you can't jump over it, or dig under it... you go through it. Yep, Sabo figured out someway to jump up above the cinder blocks, which are solid all around the corner... and then squeezed his way, somehow, through the assorted upper fences, at that one weird corner up on the hill where no one ever goes and five lots, all at different odd elevations and angles, meet.

Well, I put a big enough sized paving brick up there after the first time. Next day... the dog is all of a sudden on the wrong side of the fence again... and that brick had been pushed out of the way. Luckily for me, and in fact annoyingly underfoot... there were a couple of roles of chicken wire, conveniently abandoned and long forgotten, right up in that same old weird corner... and I know how to use a staple-gun.

Long term, I've gotta have SDG&E out for a meet-and-greet, and get some guidance. I gotta do some planning, and make some decisions. And some fence/gate/door/sign work has gotta get done... gulp, some of it by me.
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