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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

Originally Posted by MissileDog View Post
Well... to continue on with the saga of Sabo...
I might have been a little slow finding him some chew-toys he actually likes... as early in the morning, sometime after my last post, and while I slept, little Sabo literally ate my shorts. I LOLed as I didn't catch him in the act (so no sense scolding him), and I literally was going to discard that pair after this last wearing anyways. So maybe he was just making a fashion statement: "those shorts gotta-go"... but then again, he runs around naked, so maybe not.

The next morning was another cold and blustery day, so I drove to Petco by myself. The applications for pet tickets aren't out yet... but we do when the Dog Day of Summer is (7-29 @ 7:10) and the opponent (the Cards). Also, Sabo is already geared up... as he is now sporting his official Padres dog tag, engraved with his official name (Artie), and all of my phone numbers.

Seriously, of course, a doggy does need some chew toys... but so far I'm 0-3 trying to guess what he likes. He buried the first 'rawhide' I gave him, he hasn't been real interested in a tennis ball, the rope toy, nor the squeak/stuffed toy I just gave him. I gotta mini-Frisbee to try next.

In fact, this whole free dog thingee (only free because February just happened to be "free love" month at the pound... lucky me), has already cost me, after just two visits to Petco...

Dog (free)
Vet care (free so far)

Turbo Leash $18
Harness $13
MLB tag $12
License tag (free through 5yo)
3x useless red lap-sized blankets (saved from recycling)
-- his nest, including his "Drakkar Noir #8 Dale Jr Tm" blanket
-- of completely unknown origin

'Rawhides' $14
Dog Treats $5
Dog Rocks (free so far)

Mini-Frisbee Toy $10
Stuffed/Squeak Toy $6
Rope Toy $3
Tennis Ball (found)

Old pair of shorts (ate)
Of course, some might say... ZOMG nobody made you buy an official MLB tag. But that's already paid for itself. Yes... that very same day we had our first "Broken Arrow" incident. The phrase 'Broken Arrow', of course, being code for that worst of the worst heart dropping experiences... a lost dog. FYI: the term comes from the thoroughly terrible J.Travolta movie of the same name. In that movie it was the military code phrase for lost nuclear missiles... hence the adaptation.

About an hour after I put the MLB tag on the dog... I noticed I hadn't seen him in awhile. Well I went out in the back yard and noticed the gate was hanging wide open. So I went out in the front yard and out into the street... and just then my cell phone rang. Well it turns out that he ran straight across the fairly busy street and right into the very pregnant young ladies home across the way. And she quickly called the number on his Padres tag, and at the same time noticed me standing out in the middle of the street.

Whew !!!1! Go Padres !!!1!

One of my tasks for this week is to do something about securing this back yard. There are a couple of particular issues here at this household and yard regarding this task, which I need to have addressed.
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