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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

Well... to continue on with the saga of Sabo...

He got a clean bill of health from his new vet. They said bring him back in a year for some routine shots, and that's that.

That and what do I wanna do about flea prevention... Advantage, or a (prescription) flea collar. Or nothing at all, or a non-prescription flea collar as needed and/or topical treatment with non-prescription flea shampoo as needed. The last group of options not being offered by the vet, but what served us well with Cinnamon. Anyways... they gave me a couple months free samples of Advantage, so I don't gotta decide that until after baseball season starts.

Any advice from the dog experts here on 2+2?

Speaking of Cinnamon... this is the same vet that we took her to. And they still had her records, as well as the record of me bringing in another friend's dog I was taking care of at the time (Gizmo, aka The Stinker, RIP).

I didn't realize/remember however that I had only brought Cinnamon in once during that period. I had sorta forgotten that even after she moved to the beach, she still had her vet way up in The Valley. And it was only after that vet misdiagnosed and mistreated Cinnamon the one time she got worms*, that we moved her vet care to Sabo's new vet. After that, she was completely healthy until her old age, and a third vet, out in Chicago-land. Who, from all reports, was a fine vet... and who, when the time came, sent The Missile onward pro-bono.
* To be fair, Sabo's new vet said they were some kinda very exotic strain, never seen here in the western US. She said it was potentially very deadly, and it's worm-larvae-whatever can live in the poop for up to a year. I remember hearing the techs in the lab being quite vocally surprised when, we were told, they were checking out a poop sample under the microscope.

Our little Cinnamon... one of her nicknames was "exception to the rules", she didn't do anything half-way!

So, today's adventure for Sabo & me...

Weather permitting, is to walk on up to Petco, and (a) take him on his first walk in the hood, (b) get some more toys for him, and (c) check to see if the applications for Dog Day at the MLB game are out yet.

Originally Posted by Professionalpoker View Post
What you described is technically possible but the switching out of images is not encouraged. Problem with is that folks may respond to a particular picture. Once you swap it out the comments no longer apply and will confuse the readers.
LOL kinda like forgetting to switch SNs can confuse readers also. Didn't take me long to mess that one up by accident. Compare that to Sabo, who hasn't had any 'accidents' as of yet. Who's the better doggy ??

OK, very good, sir! The above pic is hosted at Imgur, and I liked the convenience that they will use my Google sign-on... so I'll take your advice and start using them for my free hosting needs going forward.

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