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a good little dog
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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

Well here we are on Sabo's third day... and so far, so great!

Since he was turned in as a stray, we don't know anything him. But he seems to be house trained, he knows the "sit" command, and when I leave the part of the house he's being kept in for now, I just waive him away, or say "back", and he'll back up and/or sit down instead of trying to bolt through the door.

Also, the trainer at the pound said he had showed high levels of what they called 'resource guarding' (a 7/8 on their scale), which is why they wouldn't adopt him out to homes with children. In particular showing aggression if someone reached for his food bowl, or tried petting him, while he is eating.

I've seen none of this behavior, not even close. In fact, so far he's been a picky eater instead. The pound gave me a bag of dog food to go with the dog, presumably the same brand they serve... and it's pretty clear he doesn't care for that brand.

The other thing I got from the pound is either (a) a free vet visit for a doggy physical, or (b) a free doggy physical at a VCA brand pet hospital, with one time insurance up to $250 for treatments, if any are necessary. The catch is this only good for five days, so I really need to get this done today, or at least get it scheduled today for tomorrow.

So... that's our adventure for today...
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