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a good little dog
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Re: Flower, Cinnamon Stick, & Sabo

Originally Posted by zikzak View Post
Pics of Sabo?
Wouldn't you know it... I get a new dog, and a new phone to puzzle out, but I get his first pic to my desktop... and now ImageShack decides to cut off free hosting. So, I gotta find a new free hosting site... but in the meantime I got his pic up as my avatar, hosted for free here by 2+2.

Also... I get up this morning, and try to turn on the MLB network for the first spring training game... and it turns out it's the only channel my new cable providers package doesn't include. Arghhh.

On the plus side... the new doggy has been great so far. In fact, I'd say perfect... except for maybe immediately burying the 'rawhide' chew-thingee I gave him.
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