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Re: Pokerstars Theme (free]

Everlong made a really nice AHK installer for Stars Themes that I have began to use as an optional 'Open-Source Installer' for my themes. I decided to do him, and you guys a favor, and packed up his 'XThemes2.RAR download which contained all 16 of his Stars themes in one installer.



Installation Instructions.

1 - Make sure the Stars client is CLOSED when installing the themes.

2 - Using WinRAR or similar, Extract ALL the contents of Everlong-MultiPak-AHK.rar.
Example: Download to desktop > Right Click on Everlong-MultiPak-AHK.rar > Extract Here (or New Folder).

3 - Run (Double-Click) Everlong-MultiPak.exe - Only this file will need to be run. It will default to the proper directory to install the themes to. If you use a different partition then you can change that accordingly.

Nothing else needs to be done with any of the other folders in the package.

Themes Included: Ano, Ano2, BlueBalls, Desert, HR, PitchBlack, PP, RaiNKhaN, RealMarine, Sepia, Sober, SoberTan, Stifado, Stox, Stox2, Stox3.
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