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Re: Flopzilla

Originally Posted by Zarathoustra View Post
When I try to enlarge my window in order to use the hotness feature I can go only up to the cards symbols, I can't unlarge my window further in order to see all the percentages right to them like you show on the video about this feature.
How to fix that?
Is your screen maybe too small for the Flopzilla window?
You can get a horizontal scrollbar by turning ON "Settings->Use horizontal scrollbar".

Originally Posted by Zarathoustra View Post
Edit: and also when I hover over the cards the small pop-up with the equity for range/ equity for hand goes out of the window on the right side and that make impossible to read the equity of all the cards of the two last column on the right
I'm not sure what you're talking about here.
Could you post a screenshot?
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