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Re: FTP Remission Issues Thread ONLY. No polititard or history derails please.

Originally Posted by h0trod View Post
ppapoker: BREAKING: DOJ says it completed it's audit of GCG group player petitions. Approved release of 82m in funds to approx 30k players
Yes good news. I spoke with AFMLS/DoJ staff today and they informed me that they have approved approximately 30,000 undisputed player claims totaling approx $82 million dollars in remissions. Garden City should be making a formal announcement on its website,, within the next 24 hours. Players with undisputed claims should be looking for an email from Garden City Group within the next few weeks with instructions on how to receive their payment. The DoJ could not provide me with a definitive date on when these emails will go out and when payments will be processed. But it looks like it will be in advance of their March 31 deadline.

Further, they indicated that some of the 30,000 undisputed claims were filed incorrectly or incompletely, therefore those individuals will receive an email outlining the issues with their claim. I do not believe this is a significant number, but significant enough for the DoJ to raise it.

The question of affiliates and pros is still unresolved. The DoJ and Garden City are working on this very diligently and I trust they will be sharing news with this affected class of players soon. As they have indicated, there will be a new filing window for those players.

Finally, there is still not a timeline for disputed claims that were filed by the deadline. They are still working on those and hope more info will be available once the undisputed funds are released. FTP players who for some reason have still not filed a claim can still do it and those claims will be considered.

Overall, I was very impressed that the DoJ worked through these issues and shared the info with the PPA. It has been a long time coming, but I think phase I and 82 million of players money will be returned very soon.

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